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Why is Dubai the top city for business start ups?

Dubai is considered to be a commercially suitable destination for the ‘foreign investors’. The opportunity of creative expansions, futuristic measures, and tax exemption make Dubai one of the best places to begin a start-up. Over the years it has transformed into a thriving tourist destination with its ‘palm-shaped’ man-made island, swanky hotels, high-end theme parks and much more. There are many reasons for the entrepreneurs to set up their start-ups here.

Tax Exemption Makes Dubai One of the Best Places to Begin a Start-Up

Tax Exemption

Many of the taxes such as personal, capital gains, corporate or VAT are non-existent in Dubai and this makes the city a ‘trade-friendly’ one. The Dubai Chamber and the Strategic Affairs Council consider lowering the cost of carrying out the business activities in Dubai. The authorities study all the concerns associated with the exorbitantly ‘high cost’ and find viable solutions. Dubai aims in promoting a business environment which provides cost-effective measures and condensed ‘legislative procedures’.

Dubai’s Open-Trade System Proves to Be a Boon for the Start-Ups

Open Trade System

Dubai is considered to be a profitable hub for the start-ups because of its ‘Open Trade System’. Being a member of ‘World Trade Organization’ offers the business start-ups safety of entering ‘stable’ trade relations and ‘international markets’. Moreover located on the African and Asian regions and European continents Dubai encourages the ‘open-trade’ relationships with these countries. If you wish to begin your start-up in Dubai within a limited budget you could rent a business centre in the heart of Dubai at an affordable cost.

Dubai Offers Lucrative Business Opportunities for the Entrepreneurs

Lucrative Business Opportunities

Various factors such as embracing the block-chain technology, emphasizing on generating the ‘non-oil’ revenue and the overall trade-friendly environment have created wonderful business opportunities for the entrepreneurs in Dubai. Moreover, the empowerment of the creation-based sectors, as well as the ‘technology industries’, have increased Dubai’s business setup dimensions. Thus an Entrepreneur can consider renting a business center in Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road without blowing his budget.

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