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Why Dubai is a top ranked Business Hub?

Dubai has emerged as a popular commercial and international trading hub for the plethora of benefits it offers to the businessmen. Some of the key benefits of setting up a company in the Mainland area of Dubai are exemption of personal or corporate taxes, no restriction on the number of visas, multitude of business activities offered for licensing and flexibility to carry out business anywhere in the UAE, Dubai has access to about 2.5 billion ‘consumer markets’ located in Africa, Asia, Gulf, Europe, and CIS countries.

The Strategic Location of Dubai Makes It a Good Trading Centre

Good Trading Centre

A key reason for choosing Dubai as a popular commercial hub is its strategic location. It is strategically situated between Africa, Europe, and Asia. It offers commendable infrastructure and logistics. Situated in the central part of UAE; Dubai’s coastline stretches all along 400 miles. The city has access to the largest airports and seaports across the globe. With the help of these ports, Dubai carries out the transportation of its goods between East and West.

Exemption of Taxes Make Dubai a Popular Business Hub

Exemption of Taxes

  • Entrepreneurs prefer to set up their companies in Dubai as it helps in the exemption of all kinds of taxes such as personal income, capital gains, corporate, value-added, withholding etc.
  • The economy of UAE is the most diversified and substantial in the Dubai region.
  • The city offers the ‘No Taxation Policy’ for most kinds of business activities with the exclusion of the branches of gas and oil companies hotels and international banks.
  • Thus, you can plan a business centre for rent in Sheikh Zayed Road at a cost-effective price.

The Commendable Infrastructure of Dubai Attracts Investors from Across the World

Commendable Infrastructure of Dubai

From manufacturing units, retail shops, warehouses to finding one of the best business centres, Dubai offers all. There has been the rapid development of industrial, residential, commercial and tourism facilities in Dubai in the last few decades. Along with this, there has also been the development of public transport, new roads as well as international airports. The infrastructure of UAE is considered as one of the best in the world.

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